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BookSwap is always looking for popular books to add to our inventory. If you have surplus of a title listed below, click on "To Sell" in the "Price Quote" column, and we will contact you with pricing information. You can also send us a list of your surplus books by e-mail, fax, or phone. We are interested in books listed here, and any other current ones.

  • Health & Physical Education
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Language
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Science & Humanities
  • Arts & Music

    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    013092332X Accounting 1 6th ed To SELL
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL
    0195414454 Economics Now To SELL
    0070891583 Exploring Business for the 21 C plus CD To SELL
    0772529329 International Business Canada Global Tra SCHULTZ To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0140126716 1984 Orwell To SELL
    0192824414 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn To SELL
    0679729526 Aeneid Fitzgerald To SELL
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL
    0771514042 Around the Corner To SELL
    0802136346 Being There Kozinski To SELL
    0679728759 Blood Meridian To SELL
    0771515901 Canadian Spelling Program Book 2 To SELL
    0771515928 Canadian Spelling Program Book 3 To SELL
    0771515847 Canadian Spelling Program Book 6 To SELL
    0316769487 Catcher in the Rye Salinger To SELL
    0553212443 Christmas Carol To SELL
    0771512163 Cornerstones Anthology 6a To SELL
    0771513208 Crossroads 7 To SELL
    0771513224 Crossroads 8 To SELL
    077303014X Cue for Treason Trease To SELL
    0385659806 Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night To SELL
    0140481346 Death of a Salesman Miller To SELL
    0142000655 East of Eden To SELL
    0195416309 Echoes 11 Fiction, Media & Nonficti To SELL
    0195416317 Echoes 12 Fiction, Media and Nonfiction To SELL
    020530902X Elements of Style To SELL
    0192802372 Emma To SELL
    039428013X English Patient Ondaatje To SELL
    0143051385 Fifth Business To SELL
    0192834878 Frankenstein Shelley To SELL
    0771058853 Fugitive Pieces MICHAELS To SELL
    0440237688 Giver To SELL
    0676971695 Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet To SELL
    0822204819 Great Expectations: An Adapted Play To SELL
    0743273567 Great Gatsby To SELL
    0226307905 Greek Tragedies To SELL
    0451526929 Hamlet Signet Classic Shakespeare To SELL
    0176185615 Hand in Hand To SELL
    0880859512 Handwriting with a Simplified Alphabet 6 To SELL
    0679734775 House on Mango Street To SELL
    0147712556 Iliad and Odyssey Box Set To SELL
    0140482091 Importance of Being Ernest Wilde To SELL
    0771509405 Imprints 11 To SELL
    0771509413 Imprints 11 Volume 1 To SELL
    0774705817 Inside Stories 1 To SELL
    0176185607 Keepsakes and Treasures To SELL
    0451526937 King Lear Signet Classic Shakespeare To SELL
    1903436591 King Lear Arden Shakespeare To SELL
    019832054X King Lear Oxford School Shakespeare To SELL
    0176197125 Language and Writing 11 National Ed. To SELL
    0771510136 Language Power A To SELL
    0771510179 Language Power E To SELL
    0771510187 Language Power F To SELL
    0176185593 Leap Out (Level H) To SELL
    038542017X Like Water for Chocolate Esquirel To SELL
    0064400018 Little House in the Big Woods Ingles To SELL
    0571084834 Lord of the Flies Golding To SELL
    0198321465 Macbeth To SELL
    0451526775 Macbeth Signet Classic Shakespeare To SELL
    0774701706 Mass Media and Popular Culture To SELL
    0765200074 MCP Phonics A (Plaid) To SELL
    0451526805 Merchant of Venice Shakespeare To SELL
    0676975658 Middlesex To SELL
    0198321503 Midsummer Night's Dream To SELL
    0451526961 Midsummer Night's Dream Signet Classic Shakespeare To SELL
    0192833855 Moby Dick To SELL
    0140383093 Odyssey (McCaughrean) To SELL
    0452011671 Oedipus Plays of Sophocles To SELL
    1903436451 Othello Arden Shakespeare To SELL
    0805069860 Poetry of Frost Complete and Unabridged To SELL
    0394744128 Practical handbook for the Actor To SELL
    0176185585 Reach Out (Level G) To SELL
    0774705795 Romeo and Juliet To SELL
    019832149X Romeo and Juliet To SELL
    0176185461 Slide In (Level C) To SELL
    0765224801 Spelling Workout A To SELL
    0176185577 Step Out (Level F) To SELL
    0451167783 Streetcar Named Desire Williams To SELL
    0176186417 Student Activity Book Levels F-H To SELL
    0684800713 Sun Also Rises Hemingway To SELL
    0176185453 Swing In (Level B) To SELL
    0571057063 T.S. Eliot: Selected Poems To SELL
    0767902890 Things They Carried To SELL
    0140444254 Three Theban Plays Sophocles To SELL
    0446310786 To Kill A Mockingbird Lee To SELL
    0679405372 To the Lighthouse To SELL
    0374480125 Tuck Everlasting To SELL
    0192834649 Ulysses To SELL
    0141306866 Underground to Canada Smucker To SELL
    0330397834 Walk Two Moons Creech To SELL
    0773010440 We Learn to Print Book 1 To SELL
    0773010254 We Learn to Write Book 1 To SELL
    0571206999 Wordsworth: Poems selected by Heaney To SELL
    0176186611 Write Away Gr 3 To SELL
    0176186603 Write One To SELL
    0669459771 Write One Buddy Book To SELL
    077471607X Writer's Craft To SELL
    017618547X Zoom In (Level D) To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    2090329149 Avare To SELL
    0553274112 Bantam New College French English Dictionary To SELL
    8877547014 Fantome de L'Opera (Book and CD) To SELL
    0776100157 Florence To SELL
    0134446798 Huis Clos To SELL
    2070360024 L'etranger Camus To SELL
    0885101456 L'homme qui plantait des arbes To SELL
    0772551022 Le Petit Prince St. Exupery To SELL
    0885100905 Maria Chapdelaine To SELL
    2090334495 Nouveau Sans Frontieres 1 To SELL
    2090334606 Nouveau Sans Frontieres 2 To SELL
    0201697866 On Y Va 1 Textbook To SELL
    0201685000 Sans Frontieres Gr 9 To SELL
    0773053212 Tribunal Des Jeunes Duliunas To SELL
    8853001992 Trois Mousquataires To SELL
    0968911412 Visa Cycles 2 To SELL
    0968911420 Visa Cycles 3 Kaplan To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0195413091 Canadian Oxford School Atlas Stanford To SELL
    2893105440 Geographie du Canada: Influences et Lias To SELL
    0130410675 Global Connections Canadian and World Issu CLARK To SELL
    0771582269 Human Geography 8 To SELL
    0782508952 Nystrom Atlas of Canada and the World To SELL
    0771582242 Physical Geography Draper To SELL

    Health & Physical Education

    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    1550771329 Exercise Science To SELL
    0078239354 Teen Health Course 1 To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0618479287 American Pageant History of the Republic Vol 1 13E To SELL
    0075609037 Canada Nation Unfolding To SELL
    0919913709 Canada Revisited 7 To SELL
    0919913490 Canada Revisited 8 To SELL
    007088739X Echoes from the Past To SELL
    1550377302 Generals Die in Bed To SELL
    0195415574 Human Way:intro to Anthro, Psych and Socio Bain To SELL
    2894614055 Regard sur le Canada deuxieme ed To SELL
    0887847064 Short History Of Progress To SELL
    0618162275 Sources of Western Tradition Vol 1 To SELL
    0195417682 Transitions in Society To SELL
    077158041X West and the World Haberman To SELL
    0195412907 World Civilizations Comparative To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    007549602X Algebra and Geometry Stewart et al To SELL
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL
    0075496011 Calculus First Course To SELL
    0156015560 College Outline Series for Calculus To SELL
    0774714522 Functions and Relations 11 To SELL
    0075529106 Mathematics 11 Mcgraw Hill To SELL
    0070909504 Mathematics 7 To SELL
    0070917612 Mathematics 8 To SELL
    0070917140 Mathematics of Data Management 12 To SELL
    0075607964 Mathpower 9 Ontario Ed To SELL
    0813631130 MCP Math level E To SELL
    0176260838 Nelson Math 1 Activity Book To SELL
    0176260919 Nelson Math 2 Activity Book To SELL
    0176259686 Nelson Math 3 To SELL
    0176200932 Nelson Math 3 Workbook To SELL
    1878621866 Preparation for the AP Calculus AB Exam To SELL
    0026875462 Spectrum Math Green To SELL

    Modern Language

    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0521782287 Cambridge Latin Course: Unit 1 Phinney To SELL
    7560021883 Dictionary Modern Chinese/English To SELL
    0176185488 Dive In (Level E) To SELL
    013087602X El Color de Nuestra Piel To SELL
    0821912585 Familia Miranda y El Viaje a Guatemala To SELL
    7561910401 New Practical Chinese Reader 1 To SELL
    0199122261 Oxford Latin Course Part 1 To SELL
    019912227X Oxford Latin Course Part 2 To SELL
    0199122288 Oxford Latin Course Part 3 To SELL
    0821918877 Somos asi en sus Marcas Level 1 Text To SELL
    0865164215 Vergil's Aenid To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    1550411098 Philosophy in Action To SELL
    0070913862 Philosophy Questions and Theories PAQUATE To SELL
    0631186271 Western Philosophy COTTINGHAM To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0898709083 Credo: I Believe revised To SELL


    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL
    0176038701 Biology To SELL
    080537146X Biology To SELL
    007088708X Biology 11 To SELL
    0176121382 Biology 11 To SELL
    0201708027 Biology 11 Addison Wesley To SELL
    0176265252 Biology 11 College Prep Level To SELL
    0176259872 Biology 12 To SELL
    0070916748 Biology 12 To SELL
    0176265570 Chemistry 11 (INCLUDES CD-ROM) To SELL
    0176265333 Chemistry 12 College Prep To SELL
    0176261168 Chemistry 12 with CD To SELL
    020164987X Conservation of Energy To SELL
    0176265554 Physics 11 with CD To SELL
    0176265309 Physics 12 College Prep To SELL
    017626115X Physics 12 with CD To SELL
    0772528721 Physics Concepts and Connections 11 To SELL
    0772529388 Physics Concepts and Connections 12 Book 2 To SELL
    0176075011 Science 10 New Ontario Ed To SELL
    0176120327 Science 9 New Ontario Ed To SELL
    0130288470 Science and Technology 1 (Pack of all 5 Titles) To SELL
    0201654113 Science and Technology 3 (Pack of all 5 titles) To SELL
    0201649853 Science and Technology 5 Human Body To SELL
    0201649845 Science and Technology 5 Weather To SELL
    0075603632 Sciencepower 10 To SELL
    0075603578 Sciencepower 7 To SELL
    0075603594 Sciencepower 8 To SELL

    Social Science & Humanities

    ISBN Title Author Price Quote
    0000000000 Any Current Title To SELL
    1550414755 Canada Continuity & Change To SELL
    0195413253 Discovering Canadian Pioneers To SELL
    0195416848 Discovering Communities To SELL
    1552202054 Early Civilizations WATERS To SELL
    0130341622 Social Studies Grade 1 To SELL

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