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Q:  Does the BookSwap service work for students directly?

A: The service deals with school supply stock, not individual students.  A typical order begins when a Department Head or teacher calls to make a search for needed texts or to obtain a quote for texts they would like to sell.  BookSwap then searches stock and demand and attempts to find a buyer or to provide the needed texts.

Q: How much "life" is left in a used textbook?

A: The life of a used textbook varies, but it can be prolonged.  When we receive used books they are given a thorough inspection.  When needed, the books are rebound and cleaned up.  This process lengthens the life of the book.

Q: What if the books we have are older?

A: No problem.  Schools are interested in older titles which they can use as study sets or to supplement already-existing supplies which gradually deplete or become damaged.  Even if your books are no longer on your school's curriculam they could still be used elsewhere.

Q: What if we have a lot of books in small numbers, but no class sets?

A: Often, schools are in need of singles or double copies. Your books join an already-existing stock and will be in demand.

Q: What payment methods are acceptable?

A: Board cheque, school cheque, petty cash, and credit card.

Q: How does BookSwap pay me for my books?

A: BookSwap issues cheques to a school, department head or contact individual when payment is forthcoming.

Q: What condition are the books classified in?

A: Please reference our Buying and Selling Page. 

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