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"This is a great service, and benefits both students and schools even further by allowing us to obtain older or surplus books at reduced prices."
- Achim Krull, Program Co-ordinator

"At a time when secondary school curriculums are changing, dealing with BookSwap has allowed us to save resources by purchasing recycled books for the specific needs of our program, as well as make surplus books available to other schools".
- Bill Chappell, Program Co-ordinator

"This service provides additional funds to our schools, decreases storage costs, and reduces our waste output. Schools who purchase these books benefit directly from reduced costs as well as gaining from the positive experience of being a part of environmentally low impact purchase."
- Judi Codd, Trustee, Toronto District School Board

"The very friendly, courteous, and efficient staff at BookSwap provide an excellent service by recycling textbooks that are no longer needed by schools and selling them to students who need them at other schools."
- Mary Card, Department Head

"We often can't buy $90 textbooks… We use the service to keep our inventory from depleting".
- Carlo DiFelice, Department Head

(BookSwap is) "a very necessary service" says Mrs. Yasin, a parent who had to buy a textbook for her daughter when she discovered that there was a shortage of textbooks in her daughter's class. Mrs. Yasin characterises the situation as: "a substantive change to the norm, when kids are told there aren't enough texts to go around."
- Mrs. Yasin, Parent

"This is great, I would have had to pay $80.00 per book to buy them brand new - and I just don't have that kind of budget. Plus, I needed these in a hurry and they delivered them personally right away".
- Teacher

(BookSwap is) a great alternative for books, and you can't beat their prices. We buy from them all the time. Frankly, we can't afford not to."
- Mrs. Todd, Department Head


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