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Our Service

Whether you need books or have surplus books, BookSwap helps K-12 teachers buy and sell new and used textbooks for all subjects and from all publishers, affordably. Cash and credit earned from books you sell, can be used towards books you purchase.

Need Books?

BookSwap's unique wholesale distribution service supplies the highest quality of used and new textbooks, teacher editions and support materials at the most competitive prices. Our extensive inventory and out-source network guarantees a high success rate in fulfilling textbook requirements. We guarantee that the books you buy will meet or exceed your expectations or we will replace them. Books are priced depending on their type and condition:

  • New paperbacks: save up to 40% off the list price
  • Used paperbacks: save up to 75% off the list price
  • New textbooks: save up to 25% off the educational textbook price
  • Used textbooks: save up to 50% off the educational textbook price

Condition Standards:


  • The book has never been used and has not been stamped.
  • The spine has no creases on it, and all the pages are clean and crisp.


  • This is a NEW book that has been stamped, or there is a very small amount of writing on the inside cover, ie, a name.


  • Hardcover books have little to no peeling or wear-and-tear exposing cardboard.
  • Paperback covers are not ripped or torn.
  • Book covers do not break away from the pages.
  • Pages do not show evidence of water damage such as discoloration or wrinkles.
  • A minimal amount of highlighting &/or writing might exist.
  • All pages are intact.


  • Cover may be damaged or torn but the pages inside are intact.
  • Pages may have a moderate amount of writing or highlighting - still not considered excessive.
  • Pages might show minimal evidence of water damage such as discoloration or wrinkles.

Surplus Books?

Textbooks, teacher's resources, unused workbooks, novels and reference books are all valuable. We'll purchase or trade your books, helping you maximize your textbook dollars. Consigned books will be promoted from the moment they enter our warehouse until the day they sell.

Grading the Condition of Your Books

 When you are selling books to BookSwap please adhere to the following guidelines:

Acceptable Textbooks

  • Torn/taped/repaired pages if all of the printed sections are readable.
  • Highlighting provided it is done neatly and in a light colour permitting easy reading.
  • Notes and underlining in reasonable amounts.   
  • Minimal water wrinkles or light stains in the margins.
  • Publisher's samples.
  • Cover has 1-2 frayed corners with cardboard showing.
  • Neatly laminated cover.
  • Spine is intact, not cracked or split.
  • Cover has bent corners.
  • Small amount of exterior writing.
  • Small amount of discoloring or faded cover.
  • Book Block is solid.
  • Rebound Books.
  • Books with damaged covers may be rebound if contents are suitable.

Acceptable Workbooks

  • New or shelf worn.
  • School name can be stamped neatly. 
  • Students name can be written.

Unacceptable Textbooks

  • Missing pages.
  • Any profanity that can not be erased or repaired.
  • Excessive water damage.
  • Mould infested pages.

Unacceptable Workbooks   

  • Torn or missing pages.   
  • Used pages.

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